What Stephen Hawking said vs. what we heard

Unashamedly stolen from The Church Mouse:

Stephen Hawking said that the laws of physics could explain the creation of the universe without the need to refer to a God.

An Atheist heard “There is no God and I can prove it”.

An Anglican heard “God has revealed the wonder of his creation yet further”.

An Evangelical heard “I don’t believe in God, but please tell everyone you know why I am wrong”.

A Catholic heard “We don’t need the Church to explain anything any more”.

A Pentecostal heard “I have another unprovable theory about creation”.

A doubter heard “I told you so – there is no God”.

A psychologist heard “It is a deep human need to seek answers to the question of ‘why’ and the answer is ‘just because'”.

A sceptic heard “I have a new book to sell”.


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