London is a roost for every bird

A little while ago I posted some pictures of the goldfinches which were nesting opposite my living room window, and the show-off neighbourhood squirrel. I also mentioned the local parakeets, and promised Freda I would try to get a picture. Well, it took a while, but a few weeks ago I finally managed it! They really are hard to spot, as they sit very high up in the trees and are pretty well camouflaged. I only got this picture because I pointed, clicked a few times and hoped for the best.

I was also lucky enough to get this shot of the friendly neighbourhood fox the other day, it’s a little blurry as I took it with one hand while I was on the phone to Mum.

I’ve made a few trips to Scotland recently as well, and obviously the camera came too. When I stayed in Dunfermline prior to the Cup Final (have I mentioned that already?), Mum showed me the pansies which have somehow managed to grow through the paving slabs in the back garden, and Nala decided to join us and do the whole attention-seeking kitty thing she does so well.

We were also lucky enough to have our Glenalmond leaders training weekend in Arpafeelie, with Bishop Mark. I was incredibly excited as we were walking through the woods to see a magnificent red kite flying out of the trees straight in front of us. It was the first time I’d ever seen a kite, other than in pictures, and they really are amazing birds. Again, as with the parakeets, I got one lucky shot, and it’s more credit to the camera than me that I got the shot at all.

One last bonus picture, taken when I was in Edinburgh recently for a PYN meeting, just to counteract all the wildlife photies!

(Translation for the English: “It would be rather good if you could speed up those fancy new trams good sir.”)

3 responses to “London is a roost for every bird

  1. Loved the parakeet and the kite and the pansies…..well, all the pics really. This weather is fabulous, maybe we can tempt the parakeets further north in the summer. Many thanks

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  3. I was ( and continue to be) amazed by the wildlife you have so close to hand down south but I think my favourite bit was your translation of the graffiti!

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