God loved the birds and invented trees*

For a small patch of trees near a road in the middle of London, there is an incredible amount of wildlife to be spotted outside my living room window. Having spend a lot more time than usual sitting on my sofa, (hooray for much needed Easter holidays!) I have been in a prime location for some bird spotting and attempted photography.

This beautiful pair of goldfinches seem to be nesting in the tree right opposite my window. They move like lightning, so they’re really hard to capture and they have an annoying habit of turning their heads just as I click the camera, but I got a couple of shots. It took a long time, but I like a challenge!

As I sat in my window in the freezing cold, camera at the ready, hoping that the birdies would acclimatise to my presence and perch on that lovely inviting branch right in front of me, this little guy turned up.

He didn’t seem to care about me, or the camera, he just wanted to give a wee acrobatics display.

He played for about 15 minutes, and I managed to get quite a few pictures, before the kids at the school opposite came out for lunch and I decided that continuing to take photos might have looked a little dodgy!

I’ve also spotted several other birds, but not managed to get any decent photos. I did discover the RSPB Online Identifier, which is brilliant if you only catch a glimpse of something and aren’t sure what you’ve seen. It told me that the funny wee brown birds on the grass were actually redwings, but sadly they were too fast for the camera too.

Now if only I could get a decent picture of the parakeets…

*The second part of the quotation in the title is “Man loved the birds and invented cages.” I hope that photos are less damaging.


2 responses to “God loved the birds and invented trees*

  1. Love the photos and looking forward to seeing the parakeets!!

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