Before Donnie Darko, there was another Donnie…

I’ve been reminiscing recently with several different people about kid’s TV. In particular I was remembering a program I watched when I was very wee, and had forgotten all about for a long time. It’s called Dotaman and it was first shown in 1985. I perplexed my family somewhat by enjoying this show, and the reason for that, I assume, is that it was entirely in Gaelic.

From my somewhat hazy memories all I could recall was a beardie man with funny hats, singing songs. In a language I have never understood. Apparently that’s all it took to entertain me when I was 3 or 4. Mind you, I was totally captivated when I found an episode on youtube, and as soon as the theme tune started I remembered it as clear as day.

It’s amazing sometimes how little triggers set off a whole load of memories.It is even camper than I remembered though! Worth watching until Donnie Dotaman starts singing…

Other classic kid’s TV:

  1. Superted
  2. Stoppit and Tidy Up
  3. The Shoe People
  4. Charlie Chalk
  5. The Poddington Peas
  6. The Family Ness (who could forget the Thistle Whistle?!)

I don’t think we realised how lucky we were, there are some classics there!


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