We lack not songs, nor instruments of joy

I hadn’t intended to leave it so long before blogging again, but events overtook me somewhat.

Scottish Episcopal Youth Camp

I spent the first two weeks of August at Glenalmond Youth Camp. As usual there was a fantastic sense of fellowship and fun, and the usual variety of workshops and activities kept everyone entertained. This year’s study material was themed around the Millenium Development Goals, or MiDGies, and was based on the Tearfund No Slumber Challenge. The material was in a different style to that used in previous years, but both weeks my house groups had some excellent discussion and enjoyed the activities. A highlight of week one was definitely watching my house group do almost every activity, including making a clothes rack, through the medium of interpretive dance. 🙂

The amble, which takes place on the Wednesday of each week, was blessed with generally good weather in both weeks. This year, I aided and abetted Jenny Stooke in creating the story for the amble, which followed a Harry Potter theme. Each house group was a class of “Hograts” pupils on detention, sent to the Forbidden Forest to do some work for MacHagreel (beautifully played by Bishop Mark). The tasks were designed to mirror some of the topics discussed in house groups, but with a wizardy theme!

Fire and ‘Flu

I think it would be fair to say that week two was slightly more eventful, for many reasons. A slightly larger camp meant that there were inevitably more injuries, and those of us with first aid training certainly got a chance to test our skills! Wednesday evening was memorable, if a little dramatic, as the roof of one of the buildings opposite us caught fire. It was a testament to the youngest house group that they coped with the last-minute change of venue and led a very moving worship with no hint of the drama going on down the road.

By Friday evening it was clear that we were facing an outbreak of a highly virulent “‘flu-like” illness amongst several delegates and leaders. Thankfully, we had a plan in place for such an eventuality and we were able to put it in to action, much to the amusement of our patients. They managed to take pictures of us in our masks and it caused great hilarity. However, the most moving moment came on the Friday evening as the delegates in quarantine realised that the rest of the camp were having outdoor Eucharist, and they requested that we said night prayer so that they were in fellowship with the rest of the camp.

Following two hours sleep on the Friday night, I called my parents to let them know that the cup of tea that I was popping in for had turned into a week of quarantine. I spent the next week in my old (pink, green and purple) room in Dunfermline, feeling a bit rubbish. The complication was that I still have some breathing problems and so I had to be extra careful. I also didn’t want to go back to London and then feel rubbish in my own flat! Much better to stay with Mum and Dad and get my meals cooked for me and get my post-Glenalmond washing done by Dad (thank you!).

Not Your Average Hypochondriac*

To add to the litany of health issues I am currently experiencing, I also got bitten by a tick while I was on the amble. I’ve had Lyme disease before, but according to my doctor I fall into the unlucky category of people who do not have an adequate immunity and therefore can be infected a second time. To be on the safe side, and because I have the tiniest red mark on the site of the bite, I’m on another course of Doxycycline antibiotics. They’re horrible and make me feel rubbish so I’ve been spending a lot of time asleep or complaining. I’m good at the second one! On the plus side I’ve been taken off the Ventolin inhaler as it is doing nothing to help my breathing, and I’m waiting on an appointment for the Chest Clinic at the Mayday to see if they have any bright ideas.

All prayers, crossed fingers etc. much appreciated.

*Since I’m not a hypochondriac, I really am ill!

3 responses to “We lack not songs, nor instruments of joy

  1. *POKE* I’ve got drugs for that… 😉 Hope all is now going well and that the Hopsital does good for you! 🙂

    Luv, hugs and other special stuffs,


  2. Poor wee lamb. All that hard work volunteering and look what thanks you get! If we didn’t know better, sometimes it would be easy to think God is out to get us!
    Take care of yourself.

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